Motion Reel

This reel consists primarily of client work and a little bit of agency spec work, which was all executed within Relevant24’s unprecedented fast-paced culture. The majority of content is executed within one or two business days, while the most complex productions may take up to a week. Also included are a few 3D model turnarounds that are personal works.

Featured Illustrations

With Relevant24, Daniel has illustrated many pieces of social content for notable TV clients such as American Dad, Family Guy, and King of the Nerds. He also has a robust collection of science fiction and fantasy digital paintings, including book covers for independent authors and private commissions.



Daniel Johnson is an artist. A creative manager, animator, motion graphics designer, digital painter, and illustrator. He is a problem solver and a teacher. He makes something every day. He’ll spend all day working on client work, go home and make something else. He’s driven to constantly find new inspiration and inspire creativity in everyone around him. Creation is his compulsion.


Creative Management

Daniel has always been a natural leader. As the Lead Motion Designer at Relevant24 or while directing freelance productions, he has always exercised his philosophy of leveraging team members’ talents while encouraging them the expand their skills. This allows creatives to shine, while increasing their personal talents and expanding the team’s resources.

He considers two things to be at the core of working with creatives to solve problems.
1: Visualizing the production all the way through completion, to effectively leverage your resources and achieve the best results.
2: When challenges arise, as they inevitably do, embrace a mindset of flexibility so you can quickly pivot the plan to creatively solve unforeseen difficulties.


Daniel has been working professionally as a creative for over 12 years across a wide range of different clients, from individual contractors to leading a team at a creative advertising agency. His clients have included small businesses, startups, educational institutions, and national brands, working both collaboratively in a structured pipeline and directly with clients.

One of the most important lessons he learned over the years was how to achieve goals within a deadline, without sacrificing quality. He understands how to distill a concept to the core of what makes the idea compelling and how to simplify the production process to achieve critical results, which is a talent that can only be learned through experience and practice.


Daniel believes that a diverse set of skills not only gives you a wide range of abilities but also creates scaffolding that improves and enhances each skill. Understanding studio and EFP lighting helps you create better 3D renders. Understanding painting color palettes helps you better create moods in post production color grading. Understanding classic composition helps you better frame shots.

Because of this philosophy, he has become well versed in creating across many disciplines. He is highly proficient in all areas of live action video from pre-production to post, stop motion and traditional animation, paperless animation, motion graphics, 3D animation, compositing, illustration, digital and traditional painting. He currently prefers working in the Adobe CC suite and Cinema 4D, but takes pride in being able to adjust new environments quickly and effectively.


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Feel free to contact Daniel, you know, if you’re human… not a robot… cyborgs are OK. Thank you!